Helical Pier Technology

Creating solid foundations is an important part of our construction process.  Helical piers are a technology that is growing in usage and we have incorporated into several of our recent projects.  Helical piers are steel piers that are driven into the ground to a predetermined strength to create support for a home.  They act similar to a corkscrew locking into place as they are driven into the ground.  We have used helical piers on several of our prefab homes where due to the site conditions and project specifics they can have several advantages over conventional concrete piers such as:

  • The can be set in wetter conditions with less risks due to weather
  •  Are faster to install
  • Have immediate loading capacity
  • Less site disturbance
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Less impact on adjacent trees
  • Provide measurable results
  • Produce no waste or byproducts

We have found helical piers typically add cost to a project over concrete piers.  Helical piers may not always be the right fit for every project, but where they can be used they can contribute to the benefits of prefabricated construction and prefab homes by adding speed and faster installation to the overall construction process as well as the benefits around sustainability.  They can also be an important solution for preserving existing trees by reducing site disturbance and impact to root zones.  We work with our clients on each project to determine the best foundation for each project.