Why Boxprefab?

Boxprefab produces precision-built, environmentally friendly, & smartly designed prefabricated homes, ADU's and hospitality suites in half the time as site-built construction.

Environmentally Friendly

Our homes are inherently more sustainable, produced with less waste in a controlled
environment with less impacts to the site and a smaller carbon footprint.

Enhanced Health & Wellbeing

Our homes are filled with natural light, fresh air and views. By working in a controlled environment,
we minimize risks of mold and toxins while improving indoor air quality to the finished home.

Supierior Quality

We enhance our structures to withstand the rigors of transportation, build with tighter tolerances, and without
exposure to weather under a rigorous quality assurance program with additional inspections and testing.

Time Savings

Our projects are typically completed in half the time of site built construction by reducing
weather delays, and by sequencing sitework concurrent to factory production.

Smart Design

Timeless, sophisticated design with well thought out spaces for today's lifestyle,
attention to details, and smart home features.

Predictable Process

We add reliability to the process and make it easy by providing a known
schedule and price in a seamless process from design through construction.

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