Our Pricing

transparent, easy to understand turnkey pricing

factory cost

base price + any selected upgrades

site costs

initially estimated based on typical conditions, may vary with actual site conditions

Our Pricing
Turnkey Costs:

We provide a turnkey service and price incorporating both the factory and site costs together for a completed home.  Initially we start with a cost/sf estimate and once we do a feasibility on your project we prepare a detailed cost estimate based on actual site conditions. 


Factory Costs:
We start with a fixed base price and walk you through options and finishes to finalize the factory price in the design process.

Site Costs:
Site costs include foundation work, transportation, setting and installation and finishing of the home. Site-work, Installation and Finishing is a variable cost based on site specific conditions. For purposes of estimation we have assumed the site conditions of an average urban lot in Houston, TX with standard utility, water, and sewer availability. Rural lots may require additional infrastructure costs such as septic system, well, or utility connections. Site specific soil conditions will affect foundation requirements and may impact cost. Estimated transportation is based on Houston, Texas. Transportation to other areas will include additional costs.

Cost Comparison:
Our costs are comparable to high quality site built construction with similar features and high performance materials and products within the Texas regional area. We build to the same building code but have additional costs above site build construction. We utilize additional strapping and structural members to withstand the rigors of transportation. We have additional overhead with our facility and quality assurance team. We have additional inspections and regulatory approvals ensuring the highest quality standards are met. Finally we have the additional costs of transportation and setting. There are efficiencies in our process that allow us to offset these costs – in the end we offer a higher quality product, in a faster time frame for the same price as comprable site built construction.  

When comparing our homes against other prefab homes be sure other estimates include sitework, transportation, and installation in order to compare the true finished cost.  

Note: All pricing is subject to change and considered an estimate for pre-sale discussion until sales contract is signed.

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