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we produce great designs through a simplified process: here's how:

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1. PRELIMINARY CONSULTATION The first step is to contact us and provide as much detail as possible about your project including the address/location of your lot or land, type of home your are looking for and your target budget. We will then schedule an initial phone conversation to discuss your project in more detail followed by a meeting with our team. During this consultation, we will discuss your needs, options, budget, and parameters. We will also answer your questions and determine the next steps. If you will be using bank financing for your new home, it is important to establish a budget upfront and get pre-approved from a bank for the construction loan. We are familiar with the bank approval process and can assist in connecting you with one of our lenders or speak with your bank. We will prepare a contract based on your specific project which will include an initial deposit to get started.

2. DESIGN AND ENGINEERING 2–8 WEEKS 0ur standard plans and options are included in the price of the home, along with design services to customize your finish selections throughout the home. We also provide architectural construction drawings and engineering, as each home must be specifically engineered to its site conditions. These site specific architecture and engineering drawings and costs will vary based on your specific project and may include local municipal permit drawings and submittal package, 3rd party and state regulatory drawings, and Boxprefab shop drawings. We estimate these site specific engineering and documentation costs in the estimated site portion of the home's pricing. Further project customization is available through additional design and engineering scope as needed.

3. PERMITTING / REGULATORY APPROVAL 0–8 WEEKS (BASED ON LOCAL JURISDICTION LEAD TIMES AND PROJECT SPECIFICS) The amount of time required for permitting and regulatory approval will vary greatly depending on your project specifics and where it is located. We will be able to discuss additional details and time frame up front when we have an initial meeting to review your project specifics.

4. PRE-FABRICATE 6-12 WEEKS Prefabrication in the factory can start as early as any required regulatory approvals are complete. Depending on project specifics, certain aspects of site approval and site preparation often run concurrent to fabrication, saving time above site build construction. We will work with you from the start to forecast available factory capacity and a schedule for your project.

5. DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION, 1 WEEK After the sitework, which runs concurrent to prefabrication is complete, we will schedule the delivery of the home. It usually takesone day to set your home. Once set final connections for utilities and water will be made.

6. FINAL FINISHING AND READY TO OCCUPY 0-8 WEEKS Depending on the complexity of your project as well as the travel distance and site location, some final finishing may be required. For example, a single unit project will likely arrive complete and finished at the time of the delivery and installation. A multi unit project with more complex configuration may require additional time on site for final finishing. We will be able to assess this upfront and give you a clear understanding from the start as to what will be required for your project.


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